The Challenge

Content production processes can be complex & disjointed, leading to
sub-optimization of workflow efficiency.
Optimization is important for business results, but not easy.
Our mission is help you in optimizing the performance of your media

Our Vision

Project Hub – Team Collaboration & MAM

 We need a new way of working

Worflow – Resources Orchestration

 We need a system that is purpose-built for modern media workflows.

Planner – Resource Capacity

 With capacity planning at its core to enable

real performance optimization

Our Solution


Team Collaboration & MAM

  • Teamworking
  • Tasks
  • Communications
  • Media Asset Management
  • Ingest & Metadata
  • Search and View

The Hub

Orchestra deals with Media assets as a state-of-the-art MAM/WFM. Advanced control of all the metadata-related features, ability to orchestrate 3rd party technology, easy access through a web interface, are key features of Orchestra. Orchestra goes deep into metadata and genealogy of each piece of your archive, allowing full control on search-ability and re-use. You will ALWAYS be able to know the detailed story of each content such as who, how and when it was produced.


Resource Orchestration

  • High-Volume Tasks and Bespoke Projects
  • Orchestration of other MAM/WFM solutions
  • Technical API Integration & Cloud Compliant
  • Human tasks fully represented
  • Workflow reusability through Templates

The Workflow

Orchestra is also a WFM to let the user create and manage all the company WFs, no matter how complex they are. Thanks to the ability to nest WFs into other WFs, the user can easily build very complex structures, still having the overall process at glance and …the building process is very intuitive! The user must simply  connect together bricks, each of them performing a particular action: to ingest and handle contents storing them into the database; create and rename folders according with a custom naming convention; apply any process to the media performing e.g. a QC or a transcoding; communicate with users and external people by notification, email and SMS;  create and deliver new contents and more …


Performance Optimization

  • Resources
  • Workflows
  • Projects

… and even your whole Business

The Planner

Orchestra has the capability to optimize and handle resources (human and technical) to carry out the projects as effectively as possible. Big companies are usually involved in more projects at the same time; Orchestra can redistribute their resources, dynamically adapting to urgencies. The What-If analysis tool allows to simulate the re-schedule of tasks and resources to check the impact on the current overall schedule. This allows to face an urgency, to assess the cost of a change and to evaluate how an investment in technology or in human resources might improve the overall organization.Orchestra has also the ability to track productions being worked into the ecosystem giving you a real-time picture of how times and costs are going, compared to the priorly done simulation. At any time users can verify the match between the ongoing production and the established plan and can act to bring back the work to the original timing and costs. Changing the planning or the workflows can be harmful, but thanks to the security mechanisms implemented into Orchestra, only entitled users can apply changes.  Moreover  it will be always possible to know who did a change and when.