ORCHESTRA is an ecosystem workflow manager which manages projects, automates workflows, plans and forecasts all your resources, enables real-time resource modelling, and even helps you create accurate quotes or budgets before you commit to your clients! ORCHESTRA has been designed to fit the needs of media service delivery operations in broadcast/OTT, post-production, and film productions. It can orchestrate your company operations from cost simulation and quote creation to resource optimization and management, and from media management to production tracking. ORCHESTRA gives easy access through a web interface (on a standard internet browser) with full cloud compliance due to its distributed architecture.


Orchestra is made of three main components :

The Project Hub (MAM and all the Team Collaboration)

ORCHESTRA deals with Media assets as you might expect from a state-of-the-art MAM/WFM . It goes deep into the metadata and genealogy of each piece of your archive.  With ORCHESTRA you will be always able to know the story of each content to the smallest detail : Information such as who, how and when the media was produced will be always at the users’ fingertips.

ORCHESTRA is born with a social footprint: The Chat feature is available on whole projects as well as on single pieces of content, with a notification system managed by the workflow itself that can reach people on their phones, rock solid security for accessing assets, and a login page built on the fly for each user that summarizes the status of the projects of interest for that user.

The Workflow Manager

ORCHESTRA has been designed to orchestrate 3rd party technologies (e.g. a 3rd party QC system) as well as embedded technologies (e.g. the FFMPEG Transcoder). Workflows can be intuitively designed, modified, reused directly inside the user interface using easy-to-use graphics tools.

Thanks to its flexibility the ORCHESTRA workflow manager can also monitor activities carried out outside the system (e.g. a human visual QC session).

The Planner

ORCHESTRA goes beyond the automation of workflows: it will optimize and handle all the available resources, helping you to sort out the complexity of many projects running at the same time. Whether we are talking about human resources, hardware resources or computational nodes, ORCHESTRA will handle them all. With the Planner you can monitor and schedule activities, allocate Resources (human and technical), navigate along the timeline (from past to future) at different zoom levels, showing different levels of detail for the different tasks in your project. Plus, thanks to the Planner, ORCHESTRA can handle all the resources of your ecosystem, optimizing their allocation on the ensemble of projects being executed at the same time. The Planner will also allow you to build quotes, to evaluate the impact of resource reallocation decisions, to run a post-project analysis to identify existing bottlenecks: while the Hub and Workflow Manager are very project-centric, the Planner i s looking at the capacity planning of your ecosystem.

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